We provide our valued customers with efficient solutions that are tailor-made to their particular requirements. We are proud to advise and lead our customers towards the most suitable set-ups and systems so that their production processes are both efficient and cost-effective. Examples of our products are listed below:

“Nabel Sakha is now
the biggest Total Oil
distributor in the Greater
Jakarta area”


Total Oil

France-based Total Oil is the fifth-largest publicly traded oil and gas company in the world and operates in more than 130 countries; it is also a major player in the chemicals industry. With some 93,000 employees, it is active in the exploration of oil and natural gas, as well as new energies, trading and chemicals. As for Nabel Sakha, we work with Total Oil mainly in the area of industrial lubricants for machinery.


Schmalz Vacuum Handling Systems

The Germany-based Schmalz is the market leader in manual vacuum handling systems and vacuum components, among other products, and a pioneer in its field. Active in 16 other countries via a network of subsidiaries, the company is certified as compliant in ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management, and ISO 50001 for energy management. Nabel Shaka is proud to be associated with a company dedicated to supporting both its clients and the world at large.


KCC Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems

The Korean company KCC, established in 1992, is also a market leader in in pneumatic and hydraulic systems, initialing serving the domestic market. Since then, it has expanded both its product lines and geographical spread to the rest of the world and is now undertaking a major global marketing push. It is already established as a leading brand of choice for Japanese manufacturers.



Dongguan Clamptek Electro-Mechanical Science & Technology Developing Co., Ltd. is affiliated with Taiwan Clamptek International Co., Ltd.

Clamptek has developed from the traditional production of manual clamps into the production of precision pneumatic & hydraulic clamping system, precision locknuts, hydraulic power units, precision fixture system, assembled flexible clamps, precision auto clamps and soldering toggle clamps.Clamptek uses the clamps as the tools for clamping and fixating. It also efficiently organized the system of manual clamps, pneumatic/hydraulic clamps, hydraulic power units and precision fixture all together and to work and meet the client’s automatization, fast and precisely clamping needs.