VT Com

Vacuum Components

Innovative vacuum components from Schmalz offer reliable support and assistance for automation and handling tasks for large groups of users and many differing industries. The wide range of products includes vacuum suction pads, vacuum generators, mounting elements and system monitors.


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3,500 products, 700 pages – a solution for every task: the Vacuum Components Catalog from Schmalz with an impressive range of products and vacuum knowledge.

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C Gripp

Vacuum Gripping Systems

Complex vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz significantly increase productivity in automated processes. The systems range from layer and large-area gripping systems to ready-to-connect vacuum spiders for use in all areas of automation.


Vacuum Handling Systems

Ergonomic Jumbo and VacuMaster vacuum lifting devices for effortless workpiece handling without damaging surfaces. Crane systems complete the system solution tailored to your individual needs. Operating devices are practical aids in trade and industry.

V clamping

Vacuum Clamping Systems

Forward-looking vacuum clamping technology from Schmalz is the intelligent answer to the ever-increasing demand for greater productivity and the economic use of CNC machine tools.